It is hard to find a game which is addictive yet does not hamper with your day-to-day life. After all, if you are obsessed with a game, you would want to play it all the time and this will affect your personal life.

If that game is Clash Royale, such an instance will not occur. Before we tell you why, we are here to provide you with a few reasons why you will get addicted to the game in the first place.

Regular Updates

Clash Royale has come a long way from the time it was released in 2016. By that, we mean that Supercell has consistently upgraded the game to ensure that players are kept hooked.

No one wants to continue playing a game which is stagnant and repetitive with the same old characters in the same old situations. Where’s the fun in that?

For this reason, Clash Royale upgrades itself regularly to include new characters and arenas. Since these updates are provided to advanced players before others, there is an intrinsic motive of players to ensure that they are always on the top.


Supercell has been very smart about its methods of retaining players. One way it has done so is by its chest feature. After a given time elapses, each player is provided with an unlocked chest that contains a combination of old and new cards.

It doesn’t matter at what note you ended the game a few hours ago. When you see a notification about the unlocked chest pop up on your smartphone or tablet, you feel an intrinsic urge to interact with the game.

Moreover, since these chests only unlock after a certain time elapses, Supercell is able to limit your progress of the game and keep you playing for a longer time than you would have had you not been constrained by a lack of resources.

Fighting with Real Players

We know what you are thinking; many games in the market allow you to play against real players. What you don’t know is that most of these games feature an asynchronous system, where you are playing a computer-based system which a human player has set up. Hence, you are not really playing with a human. You are just being given the illusion that you are.

Clash Royale, on the other hand, lets you come face to face with your enemies in real time. There is an actual person making the moves rather than a computer doing so on their behalf. This adds unpredictability to the game that makes it fun to play.


Games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale tend to become repetitive. After all, there are so many times that you would want to destroy the towers of your enemies or get clash royale gems. Sooner or later, you are bound to get bored.

Supercell has been able to combat this issue with the introduction of tournaments. This allows you to put your new cards to use as you access a challenge by paying a small fee. This challenge involves winning 12 combats and reaping rewards once you have done so. This keeps players interested as it provides them with a platform to show off their skills and get rewarded for it.

How Does a Clash Royale Addiction Not Affect Your Life?

At the beginning of our discussion, we made a claim. We told you that being addicted to this game does not disrupt your everyday life. This is possible through the inclusion of time gates like that provided by the unlocking of chests.

These time gates ensure that there is a significant gap before you indulge in the game again. In this time, you can get on with your normal routine. This is a commendable feature of the game as it ensures that players do not spend too much time playing a game.


If you are addicted to Clash Royale, don’t worry, as you are one of many. For those of you who are planning to play the game, you have been warned. There is no going back once you start. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.Play Clash Royale,fight it out and show them all who the winner is.